Alpinestars Adaptive Stretch
For 2017 Alpinestars was launching a new gear set which implemented the use of new innovative stretch fabrics which promoted comfortable adaptive flexibility for the rider. I was tasked to come up with a concept and execution to show the functionality of the innovative new fabrics. The fabrics were in select key areas which helped increase rider comfort in certain positions while on the bike. While stretch fabrics are common among other brands, Alpinestars reinvented the way the gear worked with the rider. Our goal was to show this through simple and intriguing imagery.
Client Alpinestars
Date 2016
Role Art Direction, Photography, Design

What direction should we go?

Starting the project we did a creative audit to see what other brands were doing and determine the visual language that best showcased the new technology.

In the studio.

Jumping into the studio we had a list of styles we wanted to execute on. We really wanted to display the process riders go through from when they put their gear on, to the ritual before they got on their bike, as well as the forces they endure while riding.

Building out the campaign.

Once we clipped and retouched the photos we moved into photoshop to execute on our vision. Knowing the gear uses fabrics that stretch in key areas, we wanted to play with the idea of the fabric stretching in a dramatic and intriguing way.

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