Disney Toybox
Disney came to us asking to help come up with a new campaign focused around the release of their new toyline. The campaign was a relatively short timeline starting in early October and going live in mid November, just in time for the holidays. As the campaign was primarily going to be utilized around the holidays, we were coming up with creative ways to bring the characters and holidays to your house.
Client Disney
Date 2017
Role Photography, Design, Animation

In the studio.

One of the challenges we had while planning this project was shooting the toys without knowing exactly what scenes they would be used in. This forced us to be very methodical with how we lit the toys. We needed to ensure that the photos were usable in many different scenarios. With that in mind, we also shot baseline photos with as flat lighting as possible. So in the scenario where one of the shots isn't working well in a scene, we were able to hand paint different lighting onto the toys.

Building the scenes out in Photoshop.

Once we had the environments and characters selected for each scene we moved over to compositing. Each toy was then retouched and placed into a fully composite environment. Atmosphere and props were added to each scene to make the characters feel life-like.

Bringing the scenes to life with motion.

Animation was then incorporated into the composites really bringing the scenes to life. We re-created atmosphere as well as generated dynamic lighting to give the scenes more depth. This gives the audience a better sense of the environment these characters are living in. Particles and effects were then added to the scene to display the characters personalities. One of the challenges was ensuring that all of these effects seemlessly looped in the final product.

Putting them out in the wild.

We were able to create 12 different scenes in just under 4 weeks from planning to delivery. The campaign lasted 4 months spanning over the holiday season. Some of the scenes were displayed in stores as well as in Time Square on the Disney Store billboard.

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