Everest Fitness Scheduler
MGR came to us looking for a way to create a scheduler that can be plugged into squarespace and used as a stand-alone app for private boutique gyms. They had used multiple different vendors previously. They frequently had problems where users didnt understand how to book and manage classes. They were having to consistently walk customers through the reservation process using up time and energy that could be allocated eslewhere. Our objective was to create something that allows both vendors and customers to easily create and manage reservations.
Client MGR
Date 2019
Role Design Lead

Objectives & Market Research.

Our main objectives of the project was to create a service for both web and native that allowed boutique gyms and customers to create and manage class reservations, credits and account details. We wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone and make account management easy to understand. Our first task was to evaluate and understand the other tools that provide the same service. We wanted to know what worked well and what didnt in order to better cater to customers needs.

Below are some examples from a project I did for xponential which is an umbrella company for franchise gyms. We created a templated website powered by hubspot to manage gym marketing and class scheduling.

Working with Cross-Platform Functionality.

One of the biggest challenges we encountered was creating the same seamless experience for both web and native environments. Since this was going to be used on web explicitly as a squarespace addon for launch we had a bunch of limitations we encountered that were different on both squarespace and native devices. Things like a bottom pinned navigation menu on web didnt work in iOS safari, but worked natively and on android devices.

It's important to note that because at launch this is a squarespace, all of the screens within the reservation flows would be an iframe on web and a webview in app.

Creating the scheduler.

Because this is a service for 3rd party gyms we need to be cognizant of the variety of amount of classes and times they will be provided. So we needed to create something that was flexible for all scenarios and could work with all different types of class formats.

Utilizing Filters.

Since class amounts could vary from 1 - potentially infinite we need to create a robust filtering system that allows customers to find specific classes. We also wanted to add the ability for customers to see how full a class was prior to reservation. We opted to show users how many spots were left instead of units taken / capacity to show urgency while reserving. We also created a waitlist so customers could still tentatively reserve a class that was full in the event someone cancels. This gives gyms a robust way to manage supply & demand.

Onboarding & Reservation Flow.

One of the biggest complexities of the project was creating an onboarding flow that allowed users to purchase credits and reserve classes. As most other services require you to purchase credits prior to class reservation within a seperate flow, our goal was to allow users to do it all within one flow.

Next Steps

Following V1 release we'll do some evaluation of user data to determine how the flows can be enhanced to reduce user fatigue. Our objective from the beginning was to create a service that allowed users to easily enroll in classes and manage their accounts.

• v1 - v2
v1 will be a hard coded plugin injected into squarespace with data tracking to evaluate oportunities to enhance the experience with v2. v2 will include a plugin UI which will be easier for 3rd party customers to integrate into their gyms website.

• v2 - v3
v2 will bring easier integrations into squarespace with a backend UI allowing admins to easily manage user profiles and plugin preferences. v3 will introduce a standalone app that integrates into the website and customers vendor account.

This project ran out of funding and was canceled post initial launch.

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