Fhitting Room
Fhitting Room tasked us to design and develop a new responsive web platform, replacing their existing website. The goal was to design a more intuitive and functional experience for guests and members alike while looking to better promote the brand’s value proposition. We worked directly with the Fhitting Room team to create a digital journey expanding and engaging more consumers, ultimately growing awareness for Fhitting Room.
Client Fhitting Room
Date 2018
Role Design Lead, Front-end

Positioning the brand.

The design system embraces an open environment, and a modular component library pushing the content to the forefront. Everything was built with simplicity and functionality in mind. We wanted to really elevate the importance of lifestyle photography and video to show that fhitting room is more than just your typical gym.

Establishing a visual identity.

With simplicity at the core of the user experience, we brought the site to life with rich content and detailed micro-interactions that inspire users. We wanted to create a site that broke the grid in interesting ways and felt uniform across all the different components and browser sizes. It was important for the site to not only be useful in the information it provides, but also be an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience for the users.

Building out the design system.

The design process involved an iterative process creating a component library which broke the site down into smaller, reusable chunks for the dev team to create. They are flexible for new locations as the brand grows and also provide a highly efficient way to build the site.

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