West Dermatology had an interesting problem to solve: How do we have a corporate brand trickle down to many individual brands all under the same roof. This project presented many unique UX challenges but also design challenges. Given the scale of the site, we had to come up with creative ways to gain efficiencies in the design process. One of those was moving over to sketch for design and implementing a design system that would essentially allow us to dynamically update content and build new pages out faster than we ever could traditionally using photoshop. You can view the site here
Client West Dermatology
Date 2018
Role Design Lead, Front-end

Planning out the UX.

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Establishing a design language.

In starting to experiment with look and feel, we began establishing a design language which would help set the foundations for the site. Since the site is on such a large scale, it was very important to make sure these rules were executed on to maintain consistency throughout all of the pages. This design language was then interpreted as a style guide which was used both for the design and dev teams.

Building a modular design system.

Since we had such a vast amount of pages to build in a short time frame, we needed to rethink the way we built websites. Simplifying our design language and finding efficiencies was critical in the process of this project. Traditionally using photoshop we had to build each page out separately, constantly re-opening and closing documents in order to reuse previously designed elements. Migrating over to sketch relieved a lot of these difficulties by allowing us to establish global rules as well as gave us the ability to build reusable components much more efficiently. As a result, we were able to build an extensive modular component library, enabling us to build and edit pages themselves faster then we ever would have previously.

Dynamic content.

West Dermatology needed a way to house and display multiple brands operating under them. And since each brand offers different services, we needed to create a network of brand microsites with customizeable content, each with their own unique user flow. We created a custom CMS to help manage content. Utilizing the modular compenent library we designed, this allowed them to expand and adapt different pages to each brands specific needs in an easy and efficient way.


As a result of creating this network of brands, we ultimately gave every office and more importantly every individual a voice. This is bringing the organization closer together and allowing each person to have a spotlight. We've helped build a community within an organization, strengthening relationships between each individual nationwide.

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